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The programme is definitely useful for planning out your day. It is worthwhile checking out ones that you might be interested in seeing and popping along. The first year we went, we went to the Bobby Brown demonstration that was on the main stage on the Saturday afternoon. Firstly, it was handy to sit down after a morning of walking around all the booths and trying not to spend a fortune and failing!

There was a few different demonstrations, smoky eye, red lip and application of blush.

While it was interesting to see how the artists applied the different products to get the different looks, being honest about it, neither of us were persuaded to go to the Bobby Brown booth and buy the products that they were demonstrating. The second year was a different story!

Nanshy celebrates IMATS London 2015 with big brush giveaway

The demo was focused on complexion techniques, and Leah demonstrated how to use the lock-it collection on Steffanie. In fact, they showcased them so well that we ended up going back to the Kat Von D booth, and waiting in the queue for another 40 minutes to pick up the alchemist palette! That is one thing to consider if you are thinking of going to IMATs, for the popular booths there is going to be a queue.

In saying that, standing in the queue is anything but boring! The prosthetic and special effects booths are particularly interesting! While you may never sport prosthetic scales and three additional eyes popping down to Tesco, it is really cool to see how they do it! Once the transformations are complete, the models walk about and are very good about letting you take photos. The other good thing is the general banter with the other people in the queues. In I came across a new company called Saucebox Cosmetics and bought a few items and ended up falling in love with her products.

In , I became familiar with J.

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Cat Beauty whom at the time were a six month old company and wanted to work with bloggers. Have extra batteries on hand.

IMATS ? (Makeup trade show) HELP!!?

There are outlets on the convention floor however these are reserved for vendors and the public is discouraged from using any of the outlets. If you're using your cellphone, tablets or iPad to take photos or video with make sure you have a full charge and close any apps that could drain your battery. Take extra SD cards especially if you're taking photos at a higher resolution. Higher resolutions eat up the space on your SD cards so use the largest one possible for your camera type or carry extra.

If you're using a mobile device, tablet or iPad clear off room for your pictures.

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When in doubt ask to take pictures. Across the street from the Pasadena Convention center are restaurants and even a grocery store so you can leave the venue and get something to eat for less money than inside the convention center. IMATS is a great place to meet professional makeup artists who work in the industry as well as fellow bloggers and vloggers so here are a few of my tips on networking while at IMATS. Don't be shy to introduce yourself to a company owner or representative. Granted most are going to very busy, especially on Saturday, but if they have the time to chat they will.

Company owners and representatives love to talk about their products but you have to catch them at a good time, some will make appointments with you so a month or so before IMATS you should email these companies to see if you can set up a time to talk to them at IMATS. At CPNA many company owners and reps will only talk to you if you have an appointment set. If you have a wi-fi enabled tablet or iPad have your site loaded because showing your site to someone is far easier to do than explaining it to someone.

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What’s happening at the show?

You look stunning and beautiful wearing the makeup. Woah that is such an awesome event. Would love to attend if I ever get out from my country. I cannot believe that peoples are so creative like this. I also love your shoes!! IMATS looked amazing this year! Think I'll have to go next year! These stuffs are so funny and interesting, in love with your blog.

Wow, that looks amazing!


Awesome outfits ; www. Beautiful photos of an amazing show! We've featured your post in our latest blog Nanshy celebrates IMATS London with big brush giveaway so our fans can get an idea of what to expect. Are you coming again this year? Pop over to our booth to say hello.

Love form Nanshy x.

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    Regardless, you are additionally able to take to PostalOne attribute. They have a lot of industry focused stuff, talks, competitions and things like that. I was really shocked to find out how much the tickets retail for! I felt incredibly guilty skipping the queue because I was a blogger - I heard at one point the queue was 2 hours long! They have a lot of focus on pro things like prosthetics, costume makeup and techniques.

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