Wii u bundle deals toys r us

You might as well save any money you can.

Unboxing and Playing WII U Super Mario Maker / Nintendo / Toys R Us

Also does anyone know for sure if the wii u version will get nuketown , when i had a live chat with activision they said no. And is it possible to download games onto a SD card because i dont want to have an external hard drive hanging out my wii u. Just get a nice slim laptop HD. The day after Thanksgiving where people, most of which are just tools, literally stampede into stores to buy things for their family for Christmas. Yeah, you would have to be a tool to want to save hundreds of dollars on things you were gonna buy anyway.

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I did scratch my head for a sec haahaa I said in my king of the hill voice- That boy just aint right lol. Toys r us is amazing. I used to seal beyblades from there when I was a kid. And one time I got into one of those electric jeeps and started riding it around the store.

Good times. Only idiots go shopping on Black Friday.

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They were even parked along the street and walking to the store as well. There was so many people that I could barely walk.

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The lines at Target was clear to the back of the store and going around. NO deal is worth going through that rat race. How is that not worth it? Just do the math man. But still, good deal for Toys R Us. Can we get a poll on here for How many members will Buy a Wii U and what game will be bought. Just curious. The dollar off amount worked out to be the same 24 on two games versus 12 off each game , but one could get 1 or 3 games versus being forced to purchase an even of games. Additionally, one did not pay tax or shipping!

Toys ‘R Us Black Friday 2015 PS4 and Xbox One deals on par with other retailers

Hopefully for those of you who missed it, Newegg will bring it back. It even worked on the pro remotes…. Visit MartRing. Clearnance deals from top retailers.

Nintendo Switch stock: How does Toys R Us supply compare to GameStop's offerings?

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Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. For the White yes… but I already have Skylanders and want the Black..

Best Wii U and 3DS Black Friday Game and Bundle Deals - GameSpot

Yes, that's the best deal for the white one, however superficial people like myself like the look of the black one. So for those of you interested in the black, I bought the following deal: Pretty good. Seems like similar value. Are there any games to play? Don't want it collecting dust like my PS4 has been doing lately. So, how does the shipping work? Toy R Us: Big W: Overall cost: All trademarks are owned by their respective owners. OzBargain is an independent community website which has no association with nor endorsement by the respective trademark owners.